Nima Fakhrara on the clattering fury of Netflix’s Lou

Nima Fakhrara (Lou)

Welcome to Right on Cue, the podcast where we interview film, TV, and video game composers about the origins and nuances of their latest works and select commentaries from some of the score’s most important tracks.

Of all the actors to get a John Wick-ian action vehicle, Oscar-winner Allison Janney might just be the last one on your list. And yet, here we are with Anna Foerster’s Lou, the straight-to-Netflix action thriller starring the West Wing legend, now transformed into a former CIA fixer who’s given up the life for an isolated existence on a remote coastal island. But her skills are needed once more when her neighbor (Jurnee Smollett) comes to her in the middle of a rainstorm for help: Her daughter’s been kidnapped, and her dangerous ex-husband (Logan Marshall-Green) is the culprit. Together, the two must track them through the mud-soaked forest, Lou calling on her particular set of skills to do one last bit of good.

It’s a dark, grimy, psychologically complex thriller, with its crackling corners illuminated by Nima Fakhrara‘s richly textured score for Lou. The Iranian-born composer has worked on everything from video games like Detroit: Become Human to ad campaigns for Balenciaga. His work is characterized by his incredible use of synths and staggered, rhythmic vocals.

His score for 2019’s Becky, another action thriller involving a transformed character actor (Kevin James), is a muscular, primal scream of a score. Lou follows in a quieter permutation of that tradition. Clacking percussion, halting vocals, tape-scratch elements from 1980s cassette recordings all culminate in a haunting sound that feels like the lost memories of an aging warrior.

And today, we’ve got Nima Fakhrara on the podcast to talk about his musical history, his experiences on Lou, and the innovative techniques he used to bring the score to life. (We’ll also hear a few exclusive track commentaries from the score.)

You can find Nima Fakhrara at his official website here.

Lou is currently streaming on Netflix. You can also listen to the score on your preferred music streaming service courtesy of Netflix Music.

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