Hall of Faces Minisode: “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Recurring Characters (w/Danny Jolles)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's George (Danny Jolles).

On the week of the beloved CW show’s finale, Allison and Clint make sure Rachel Bloom’s supporting cast won’t be ignored.

Hall of Faces

Deep in the bowels of The Spool Studios, there lies a chamber only the greatest TV characters can enter – the funniest, the grumpiest, the maddest masks the television medium has to offer. There, we honor the breakout comic relief, the magnetically flawed protagonist, the one-time guest character that defines an entire series. This is where we hoard TV’s most valuable visages. This… is the Hall of Faces.

Welcome to the Hall of Faces, The Spool’s monthly TV podcast! A spinoff of the short-lived Consequence of Sound podcast TV PartyHall of Faces sees hosts and TV critics Allison Shoemaker and Clint Worthington build up a pantheon of television’s greatest characters, one show at a time.

As Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna‘s exuberant, complicated, hilarious rom-com-musical-psychological-comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend wraps up its four-season run on the CW, Allison and Clint decided to take some time in between main episodes to talk about the show’s unsung (well, less sung, they all sing) recurring characters – from Michael Hyatt‘s sage Dr. Akopian to Rene Gube‘s divinely chill Father Brah.

But we can’t help but wonder if there’s someone we’re forgetting, someone who shouldn’t be ignored… Oh! It’s George, he of the delightful ad-libbed songs about getting coffee, one of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s most beloved supporting players. And lucky for us, the one and only Danny Jolles joins us later in the episode to talk about George’s curious evolution, the origins of his breakout on the show, and more!

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Clint Worthington

Clint Worthington is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Spool, as well as one of the founders of the website/podcast Alcohollywood in 2011. He is also a Senior Writer at Consequence of Sound, as well as the co-host/producer of Travolta/Cage. You can also find his freelance work at IndieWire, UPROXX, Syfy Wire, The Takeout, and Crooked Marquee.

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