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More of a Comment, Really…: Interviews with Richard Dreyfuss, Sundance Composers Piers Burbrook de Vere (Little Monsters) and Roger Suen (Ms. Purple)
On the podcast, RIchard Dreyfuss talks about his career and love of civics, plus two exciting young composers talk about their latest entries in Sundance.
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This week, Clint sits down to talk with a screen legend, and two exciting young composers with films premiering at the Sundance Film Festival.

Welcome back to More of a Comment, Really…, a weekly interview show hosted by Clint Worthington! Every episode will feature interviews with actors, filmmakers, producers, and more, giving you the skinny on the latest films and TV.

With the Sundance Film Festival still raging, and some of the most exciting new and independent films seeing the light of day, I got the exciting chance to talk to two composers for films premiering at the fest. First, Piers Burbrook de Vere talks about his collaboration with Abe Forsythe on the cheeky, quirky, tonally dynamic zombie comedy Little Monsters.

Then, I spoke to Roger Suen, composer for Justin Chon’s lush, melancholic Koreatown drama Ms. Purple about his deeply symbiotic working relationship with Chon, the mishmash of cultural and instrumental influences that went into his eclectic musical depiction of LA’s multicultural atmosphere, and the importance of Asian-American filmmakers telling Asian-American stories with authenticity and specificity.

Before all that, however, I get to share my lovely, surprisingly involved interview with screen legend Richard Dreyfuss. On the heels of his recent visit to Chicago’s Tivoli Theatre for an appreciation of Jaws, Dreyfuss talks to me about everything from the importance of civics education to the unconventional path that led him to his recent reemergence from acting retirement. (We also get to wax rhapsodic about Mr. Holland’s Opus, so this podcast is pretty much a wall-to-wall music appreciation hour.)

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