Composer Brian H. Kim (Abby’s, Star vs. the Forces of Evil) on Synths, Scoring, and Studio Audiences

Brian H. Kim, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Abby's

The composer talks about scoring the final season of Disney’s animated adventure and crafting a theme for NBC’s outdoor multi-cam sitcom.


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It can be easy to write off the hard work that goes into crafting well-made animated shows and multi-camera sitcoms; the former are decried as kid’s stuff, and the latter are largely overshadowed by their acclaimed single-camera counterparts.

But in the case of Disney Channel’s Star vs. the Forces of Evil, now entering its fourth and final season, and Michael Schur’s new NBC sitcom Abby’s (which just premiered this week), both feel like examples of their subgenre’s unexpected growth. Star carries with it a similar energy to Steven Universe, with its cast of increasingly complex characters, serialized storylines, and catchy songs featuring talent like Nick Lachey and Patrick Stump. Abby’s, meanwhile, offers a novel twist by filming its live audience outdoors, and serves as a strong vehicle for its capable cast, especially the always-endearing Natalie Morales as the show’s openly bi protagonist.

Playing a vital role in both those shows is composer Brian H. Kim, a veteran of TV and film composing (particularly for comedies like How I Met Your Mother and My Name Is Doris), who’s built up a not-insignificant fanbase among Star watchers for his groovy synth incidentals and cheerily addictive earworms – all of which he details on his Tumblr. Today on the show, I sit down to talk with Kim about the impact of Star on his career, the interactions with his fans, and the exciting challenges presented by a show like Abby’s.

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