3 Best Releases From France 3 Cinéma Studio

The Spool Staff

Tout le monde aime Jeanne

“Superficiality is for another generation,” Jeanne Mayer (Blanche Gardin) screams to herself. Instead, her anxieties say it to her, visualized through sinuous, sketchy animation; they demand a lot. She can’t focus on her own body. Oh, no; that’d be too vain. It’s okay to appreciate the glances of men on the street, if just occasionally, though. It feels good, after all. But wait: she can’t give into hedonism. And she may be stressed, but having a bit to drink before noon? That’s just alcoholic behavior. How about labeling her a “wino” instead? Yeah, that’s better.  Continue Reading →


Highly lauded Romanian director Cristian Mungiu is back from a six-year hiatus with the curious R.M.N., a look at a town slowly letting itself succumb to its worst fears. Like the famous Twilight Zone episode “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street,” a town gears up to combat an imaginary menace they’ve created to demonize real people and problems, simply to feel better about their own misfortune and short-sightedness. After three films that failed to capture the attention of his sophomore feature, Cannes Top Honors recipient 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days, Mungiu has found an edifying middle ground between his wilder ambitions and the style in which he made his name. R.M.N. may suffer from heavy hands, but this is a film of deceptive heft from a director renewed by change. Continue Reading →

Les Enfants des autres

Ticking clocks come in many shapes and forms in movies. In the case of writer/director Rebecca Zlotowski's new film Other People's Children, a ticking clock looms large over protagonist Rachel (Virginie Efira) in the form of how long she can still conceive children. Now 40, she's been informed by medical professionals that time is slipping away if she still wants to have kids. It’s a development that reshapes her priorities and hammers home the finite nature of her very existence. Continue Reading →