5 Best Releases From the Genre Kids

The Spool Staff


Do we need another live-action Goosebumps adaptation? After a ’90s Fox Kids series and a pair of 2010s films, one would assume that the ground of turning Slappy the dummy and other frightening beings into flesh-and-blood creations has been well-trodden.  Continue Reading →

Les souvenirs de Mamette

This review is part of our coverage of the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival. Continue Reading →

Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Lunella Lafayette, aka Moon Girl (Diamond White), is a middle schooler with an intellect off the charts. Devil Dinosaur (Fred Tatasciore) is an interdimensional red T. Rex with a deep, abiding love for dirty water dogs. As odd couples go, they seem shoo-ins for the Hall of Fame. Continue Reading →

Star Trek: Prodigy

Can you have Starfleet without Starfleet? That’s the essential question Star Trek: Prodigy asks in the back half of its first season. As the villainous Diviner (John Noble) told his daughter last time, the advanced vessel ferrying the series’ young heroes contains a weapon that could decimate the Federation. If that weren’t enough, the flesh-and-blood Vice Admiral Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) has reason to think whoever’s piloting the Protostar stole the ship and marooned her dear friend, Chakotay. So despite how badly the show’s main characters want to join Starfleet, there’s a plethora of reasons to stay far, far away for the time being.  Continue Reading →

It’s baffling to me that Apple TV+ is still making kids-centered programming. In the streamer’s two years of existence, none of their family-friendly shows, whether they be Helpsters or Doug Unplugged, have left any kind of footprint. You’d think they’d realize Disney+ and Netflix have got this market cornered and would instead pursue programming the bigger streamers aren’t making by the truckload. Instead, Apple TV+ keeps on raging, raging against the dying interest in their kid’s programming, with shows like the new animated take on Harriet the Spy.  Continue Reading →