3 Best Movies To Watch After Rise (2022)

The Spool Staff

Avec amour et acharnement

Despite society’s conviction that love is everlasting, a relationship is, in fact, a fragile thing. With a single act, you can sever a bond that takes years to create. As such, the tenuous nature of romantic love is a constant source of inspiration for stories across all media. Continue Reading →


NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner started as an undrafted, unwanted quarterback bagging groceries and wound up leading The Greatest Show on Turf with the St. Louis Rams. It’s a true story so improbable that it shouldn’t be believable as a movie. But, now that it’s a real movie in the form of American Underdog, a faith-based biopic, it does seem unbelievable. That’s not because of the inspirational tale; it’s because it’s such a mediocre sports film.  Continue Reading →

Penguin Bloom

MPAA RatingPG-13
StudioEndeavor Content,

Penguin Bloom director Glendyn Ivin is one of the leading names in Australian television, which checks out all too well given that the execution of this admittedly inspirational story has “made-for-TV” written all over it. Of course, the real frustrating part is that there are occasional glimpses of a better movie that's focused on exploring these characters beyond a surface-level peek of what it's like to come to terms with a disability or be a caretaker for someone who’s disabled. Continue Reading →