3 Best Movies To Watch After Other People's Children (2022)

The Spool Staff

Tout le monde aime Jeanne

Watch afterEverything Everywhere All at Once (2022),

“Superficiality is for another generation,” Jeanne Mayer (Blanche Gardin) screams to herself. Instead, her anxieties say it to her, visualized through sinuous, sketchy animation; they demand a lot. She can’t focus on her own body. Oh, no; that’d be too vain. It’s okay to appreciate the glances of men on the street, if just occasionally, though. It feels good, after all. But wait: she can’t give into hedonism. And she may be stressed, but having a bit to drink before noon? That’s just alcoholic behavior. How about labeling her a “wino” instead? Yeah, that’s better.  Continue Reading →

Tango en París: recuerdos de Astor Piazzolla

Alice Winocour’s Revoir Paris begins in a café. Mia (Virginie Efira), avoiding the rain, sits and drinks a glass of wine by herself, surrounded by other patrons. A birthday party for a middle-aged man, a few tourists, a couple having an argument, all of the classic situations are present. After spilling ink onto her hand, she heads to the bathroom, cleans up, grabs her belongings, and gets up to leave, when the two people in front of her are shot and killed. Continue Reading →

Master Gardener

SimilarTaxi Driver (1976),
MPAA RatingR

Folks, maybe I’m wrong, but I just don’t think we’re ready for Nazi redemption stories yet. Granted, there have already been a few, but those were from a time when the threat was neutralized. Now, in our current upside down world, they’re being normalized by both the media and Republican politicians, some of whom, like Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville, would rather pretend they don’t know what “white nationalism” is than denounce it. We really don’t need a “but what if they can change?” story right now. But Paul Schrader is doing it anyway with Master Gardener, a movie that is surely well-intentioned, but ill-timed at best, and clumsy and borderline offensive at worst. Continue Reading →