2 Best Releases From RAI Cinema Studio

The Spool Staff


StudioARTE France Cinéma,

In medieval morality plays, the dramatis personae always includes the likes of Charity, Death, and Temperance, named for the vices or virtues they embody. These characters are vessels, existing somewhere between allegory and literalism and imbued with the social values and anxieties of their time. French surrealist Bruno Dumont (Lil Quinquin, Slack Bay) drags this tradition into the twenty-first century with his latest film, France. Continue Reading →

The Rossellinis

In 1945, the release of Italian neorealist classic Rome, Open City pulled Roberto Rossellini and his family out of poverty and catapulted them into the international limelight. The Rossellinis, a new documentary from one of his five grandchildren, Alessandro, grapples with living in the famed filmmaker’s shadow.   Continue Reading →