2 Best Movies To Watch After Kompromat (2022)

The Spool Staff

Tango en París: recuerdos de Astor Piazzolla

Alice Winocour’s Revoir Paris begins in a café. Mia (Virginie Efira), avoiding the rain, sits and drinks a glass of wine by herself, surrounded by other patrons. A birthday party for a middle-aged man, a few tourists, a couple having an argument, all of the classic situations are present. After spilling ink onto her hand, she heads to the bathroom, cleans up, grabs her belongings, and gets up to leave, when the two people in front of her are shot and killed. Continue Reading →

Les Enfants des autres

Ticking clocks come in many shapes and forms in movies. In the case of writer/director Rebecca Zlotowski's new film Other People's Children, a ticking clock looms large over protagonist Rachel (Virginie Efira) in the form of how long she can still conceive children. Now 40, she's been informed by medical professionals that time is slipping away if she still wants to have kids. It’s a development that reshapes her priorities and hammers home the finite nature of her very existence. Continue Reading →