3 Best TV Shows Similar to I Am Not an Animal

The Spool Staff

Am I Being Unreasonable?

Everyone has a secret or two. They’re usually fairly innocuous. A crush you’d never admit to, drinking the last cup of coffee and not making more, that time you ate candy from the display when you worked retail and didn’t pay for it. Most people’s secrets would never hurt a soul.   Continue Reading →

Paul T. Goldman

Paul T. Goldman isn’t funny, per se. Like its titular lead subject (real name Paul Finkelman), there’s an awkwardness that will leave all but the least sympathetically embarrassed feeling itchy. It is frequently strange. It’s perplexingly over the top and all over the place. It rings out laughs, but most are distinctively of the “too awkward to do anything but giggle” variety. So, no, not especially funny. Continue Reading →

The Blood Sisters

KinoKultur is a thematic exploration of the queer, camp, weird, and radical releases Kino Lorber has to offer. Lesbians love leather. This may be an obvious statement now, but when Michelle Handelman released her provocative documentary Blood Sisters: Leather, Dykes, and Sadomasochism (currently streaming on KinoNow) in 1995, it was a decidedly controversial assertion. Blood Sisters has a wonderful 1990s, gritty, DIY feel—a vibe that captures the spirit of the New Queer video culture from which it emerged. It was for leather lesbians to announce and display their tastes proudly; to be counted as having a sexuality, when so many had erased and/or ignored them. Perhaps the most exciting parts of Blood Sisters are the ways that Handelman and her interviewees boldly counter malinformed claims that write off sadomasicism (SM) as submission to The Patriarchy™. Continue Reading →