2 Best Movies To Watch After Ex Machina (2015)

The Spool Staff


Makbul Mubarak’s debut Autobiography delves deep to examine loyalty & family under dictatorship. (This review is part of our coverage of the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival) Makbul Mubarak’s first feature Autobiography is only truly autobiographical in terms of the larger questions his upbringing in Indonesia under the Suharto regime raises about loyalty vs. fealty and whether “loyalty [is] still honorable if and when it is pledged to something monstrous”. Continue Reading →

Best Sellers

SimilarBreakfast at Tiffany's (1961), Dead Poets Society (1989), Finding Forrester (2000), Manhattan (1979), Moulin Rouge! (2001),

There’s a certain reaction one has when watching a movie that opens with the Chicken Soup for the Soul logo, and that is a labored sigh. The company that made its fortune publishing collections of inspiring true stories about overcoming adversity and beating the odds quietly moved into the movie producing business some years back. You’d be forgiven if up to this point you hadn’t heard of anything they produced--the vast majority of their projects seemed to have been created specifically for the direct to streaming market, with titles like 12 Dogs of Christmas and Paris Countdown. After a recent deal with Redbox, however, they’re looking to move into more prestige fare, starting with the comedy-drama Best Sellers. Continue Reading →