3 Best Movies To Watch After Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (2013)

The Spool Staff

The Best Man

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“Just brang ma baby girl back alive!” Continue Reading →

Le Misanthrope

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Throughout Argentine director Damián Szifron’s To Catch a Killer, nothing seems new. A serial killer procedural featuring a young cop and an older FBI agent, Szifron’s first English-language film attempts to derive success from previous entries in the genre. Audiences and critics alike will almost certainly compare it to more original efforts. Unfortunately, Szifron’s unable to put personality, verve, or distinction into To Catch a Killer.   Continue Reading →


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SimilarPredator (1987),
Watch afterEvil Dead Rise (2023), John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023), The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023),
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Jalmari Helander's WWII action flick glues Inglourious Basterds to Mad Max Fury Road, and it's a fist-pumping blast. (This review is part of our 2022 Toronto International Film Festival coverage.) Inglourious Basterds' Lt. Aldo Raine would be pretty proud of Jalmari Helander's gonzo spaghetti-Western-meets-WWII actioner Sisu; like he, the film is interested in "one thing, and one thing only... killin' Nazis." And so it goes with the TIFF 2022 Midnight Madness pick, a roaring rampage of revenge that commits to its stylized schtick -- even if that means it feels a little thin. Continue Reading →