2 Best TV Shows Similar to Ben 10: Alien Force

The Spool Staff

Am I Being Unreasonable?

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Watch afterFoundation, Game of Thrones Sherlock Star Trek: Enterprise, The Queen's Gambit WandaVision

Everyone has a secret or two. They’re usually fairly innocuous. A crush you’d never admit to, drinking the last cup of coffee and not making more, that time you ate candy from the display when you worked retail and didn’t pay for it. Most people’s secrets would never hurt a soul.   Continue Reading →


You gotta love a good gimmick. Whether it’s the current 4DX offerings in theatres (which harkens back to the “Tingler” era of Castle silliness) or Netflix dalliances with “Choose Your Own Adventure”-esque stories like Black Mirror’s “Bandersnatch,” or Kimmy Schmidt, there’s an undeniable charm in centering the device. Kaleidoscope is the latest entry in these sorts of experiments. It offers an eight episode heist story that audiences can theoretically watch in any order. Only the episode titled “White” has a specific place in the order: last. That's a recommendation this reviewer firmly endorses. Continue Reading →