2 Best Movies To Watch After Adrenaline (2022)

The Spool Staff

The Best Man

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“Just brang ma baby girl back alive!” Continue Reading →


GenreAction War, Western,
SimilarPredator (1987),
Watch afterEvil Dead Rise (2023), John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023), The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023),
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Jalmari Helander's WWII action flick glues Inglourious Basterds to Mad Max Fury Road, and it's a fist-pumping blast. (This review is part of our 2022 Toronto International Film Festival coverage.) Inglourious Basterds' Lt. Aldo Raine would be pretty proud of Jalmari Helander's gonzo spaghetti-Western-meets-WWII actioner Sisu; like he, the film is interested in "one thing, and one thing only... killin' Nazis." And so it goes with the TIFF 2022 Midnight Madness pick, a roaring rampage of revenge that commits to its stylized schtick -- even if that means it feels a little thin. Continue Reading →