3 Best Releases Starring Lanette Ware

The Spool Staff

Seven Veils

Atom Egoyan's latest doesn't hide from academic sincerity. In the 2010s, Atom Egoyan fell by the wayside in my ‘auteurs to keep an eye on’ radar rather rapidly. The last film I saw from him, The Captive, starring Ryan Reynolds, proved such an impenetrable slog that I couldn’t go back to him for a while. I remember The Sweet Hereafter and Exocita being formative films of my adolescence. I count them among the first to push the boundaries of what cinema ‘was’ to me. The former, especially, had such a hypnotic visual and audial style tied to such a potent mythic metaphor – The Pied Piper of Hamelin – that I couldn’t stop thinking about it for long after.  I’m therefore happy to say that Egoyan’s latest film, Seven Veils, elicited a similar feeling. It’s a movie that has been on my mind nearly every day since seeing it at TIFF.  Continue Reading →


Did you leave the gas on? Or does this movie stink? I’ll be here all week, folks. Continue Reading →

Anything for Jackson

The more “normal” a villain seems in a film, the scarier they seem to be when the mask comes off. It’s a chilling reminder of how many of these people we’ve encountered in our lives, without realizing what they really were. True evil does its work undetected, behind closed doors, like in Shudder’s Anything for Jackson, a horror-comedy about what happens when one refuses to accept death as a part of life. Continue Reading →