1 Best Releases Starring Adria Petty

The Spool Staff

Tom Petty, Somewhere You Feel Free

Mary Wharton's assemblage of lost footage from the artist's Wildflowers recording sessions celebrates his life and works, but the lack of conflict makes it hard to latch onto. (This review is part of our coverage of the 2021 SXSW Film Festival.) Released in 1994, Tom Petty’s Wildflowers, the second solo project that he recorded away from his longtime band The Heartbreakers, has gone on to assume a place of prominence in the discography of the late rocker with many—Petty among them—regarding it as the finest work of his career. And yet, for as laid back and relaxed as the final product sounded, it was recorded during an especially tumultuous period in his personal and professional lives, one that included the dissolution of his first marriage, his parting of the ways with original Heartbreakers drummer Stan Lynch and his departure from longtime label MCA in order to sign with Warner Brothers. Continue Reading →