The Latest Reviews For The Specialty Cult classic

The Spool Staff

Criterion is a movie-streaming service that features some of the most celebrated, critically acclaimed, and hard-to-find films from around the world. More than just being the streaming arm of The Criterion Collection, however, the service also offers exclusive premieres, collections, masterclasses, director commentaries, and interviews, making sure to cater to its cinephile subscriber base. A subscription costs $10.99 monthly or $99.99 yearly. Continue Reading →

Well-known to film lovers around the globe, Mubi is a highly curated streaming service that offers a selection of indie, international, cult-favorite, and classic films, which it rotates and updates every day. Every week, it also recommends a new film for you to enjoy. A subscription costs $10.99/month, but you can also pay for a discounted price ($95.88) with an annual plan. Continue Reading →