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The praises of live TV streaming services don't need to be further sung. By now, we all know that compared to clunky, commitment-heavy cable, live TV is cheaper and much easier to manage. But just in case you're still on the fence about jumping over to the other side, or if you're just unhappy with your current provider and want to try out something new, then for you, we've gathered the best live TV streaming services you can try for free. The free trials are generally available for seven days, after which you'll be charged the normal price unless you cancel on time. But you should still check each service's website to make sure you're not missing out on any extended-trial deals and seasonal discounts (trust us, there's always a deal to be found). You can read all about them and click the link to find out more in the list below. Continue Reading →

The second season of the highly successful video game Halo is set to premiere exclusively on Paramount+ early next year. If you've seen the trailer, you'll know there's much to be excited about, not least of which is the gloriously heavy amount of action the show promises (you'd think that a video game adaptation would be full of large-scale battles and gun-heavy sequences, but season one would prove you wrong). Arguably, however, the most exciting thing about season two is the introduction of a new showrunner, David Wiener. While the first season was plagued with leadership shifts and troubles, which is rarely a good thing for the show, this time, it seems like Wiener will be staying for good. Continue Reading →

The honorable Steve Harvey is returning to our TVs very soon with season 3 of his courtroom reality series Judge Steve Harvey, in which the comedian and host plays both judge and jury to a series of cases that range from laughably trivial to surprisingly significant. "There is no order in his court!" the slogan goes, and that makes all the difference! Here, common sense trumps code of law, comedy and chaos are welcome respites, and everything is made at least slightly better by Harvey's signature incredulous looks. Continue Reading →

Did you hear the bell ring? Abbot Elementary is back for another season! After being slightly pushed back by the Hollywood strikes—which the cast happily and rightfully participated in—a premiere date for season 3 has finally been announced. Janine (Quinta Brunson) and her fellow Philly educators are returning to their classrooms, our TVs, and the collective heart of the masses ahead of spring next year. Continue Reading →

If you're wondering when your favorite ghost-seeing lovelorn writer is coming back to TV, look no further. ABC has confirmed that Gina Rodriguez's Nell Serrano is returning early next year for a second season of Not Dead Yet. The half-hour sitcom is all about how Nell recovers from a relationship and restarts her career as she moves back to the US. But while she's more than ready to bounce back as the once-promising journalist she was, life and love problems, not to mention a sudden gift to see and converse with the dead she's writing obituaries for, put her dreams on hold. Continue Reading →

If you think about it, The Conners getting a renewed sixth season is a miracle in itself. Between the controversial departure of its (former) main star, the writers' strikes, and constant streaming pressures, the ABC sitcom is doing pretty well all things considered. It receives good ratings and even better reviews, but despite the show's respectable success, there's a huge possibility that season six may be The Conners' final season. So whether you're just tuning in out of curiosity or want to know how the journey of Dan Conner (John Goodman) and his kin will conclude, you'll want to strap in your Doc Martens and read on to know how to watch America's favorite and most relatable middle-class family on TV. Continue Reading →

A three-part docuseries about the prolific and glittery life of Raffaella Carrà, an LGBTQ diva and feminist icon, is set to premiere on Hulu this month. The much-adored singer-actress-activist may be a stranger to some of us on this side of the pond, but Raffa's influence is deeply felt across 20th-century Europe and Latin America, where she fought against repressive, conservative, and anti-free speech policies in her own vivaciously transgressive way. In an obituary by NPR, Raffa was described as being a "compelling combination" of Donna Summer, Barbara Walters, and Ann-Margret, and sure enough, Raffa seems to have lived brilliant, multiple lives, which the docuseries explores via never-before-seen footage and interviews. Continue Reading →

It's time to bid farewell to the good, zany people of Letterkenny. The final season of the Canadian comedy is set to premiere on Hulu right after Christmas Day, you know, for that bittersweet holiday feel. Letterkenny Season 12 will see the return of Wayne (Jared Keeso), Daryl (Nathan Dales), Katy (Michelle Mylett), and Dan (K. Trevor Wilson), aka the Hicks, as they get into all sorts of hijinks and antics in their cozy rural town. According to the show's official synopsis, they'll be "contending" with a new nightclub and attending a comedy night. Expect the usual laughs and witty one-liners but with more of an emotional punch. Continue Reading →

Just in time for the holidays, Marvel's anthology series What If … ? is returning for a second season on Disney+ later this December. By the looks of it, season one characters will be making an appearance, including fan favorite Captain Carter, who'll be battling it out with Steve Rogers's Hydra Stomper in what critics describe as a sort of reimagined Captain America: Winter Soldier storyline. Among the more promising elements of season 2? The introduction of an original MCU character, Kahhori, a young member of the Mohawk tribe who gains tremendous powers after the Tesseract lands in her community in pre-colonial America. Continue Reading →

It used to be fairly easy marathoning all eight Harry Potter movies. You'd simply log on to Netflix, play the films, and watch as Harry, Ron, and Hermione narrowly (and oh so conveniently) escape every tricky situation they're in—all while reminiscing your childhood and where you were the year the film was released, of course. But ever since Max and Peacock became a thing, Warner Bros. made sure all its properties, including the entire Harry Potter franchise, can only be accessed on those two streaming platforms. So now, to watch Harry Potter, you could subscribe to either of them, but since you're reading this guide, I think it's safe to assume that's currently not an option for you. Continue Reading →

Looking for a good dose of questionable grandpa-grandson dynamics? In the US the first 6 seasons of Rick & Morty are available on Hulu, but not on Netflix. But if you switch your Netflix region to a place like say... the UK, you will be able to watch the same seasons on Netflix. You can book a ticket to London, wait for the date, book a cab to the airport, fly, land AND THEN watch on the plane while it taxies - or you can just get a VPN. What's a VPN? Ok, grandpa (if you're an actual grandpa, hello and congratulations on the grandkids, this is just a bored writer. I mean what else is this show really about, you know?). I digress: a VPN changes the country with which you browse the internet, which allows you to pretend you are in a different country than the one you're actually in. Continue Reading →

Dragons of Wonderhatch is a new Japanese series that looks to be a fantastical combination of live-action and anime. It follows Nagi (Sena Nakajima) a young girl who fantasizes about flying and often dreams of being in a world other than her utterly mundane one. She gets more than what she wishes for when the dragon rider Thaim (Daiken Okudaira) and his adorable sidekick Guphin quite literally jump out of the pages of a book one day and draw her in a series of adventures. We then jump back and forth between Nagi's live-action and Thaim's animated realm; both are very real, and very much in danger of collapsing unless Nagi and Thaim work together to save the two worlds. If that doesn't sound exciting enough, a possible draw to Western watchers is that One Piece breakout star Mackenyu will be playing a major role in Watch Dragons of Wonderhatch. Here, he's Aktha, a dragon warrior-hero whom Thaim and Nagi must find if they want to save the world. Continue Reading →

From A24 and the producers of I May Destroy You (doesn't that sound so full of promise already?) comes Such Brave Girls, an irreverently funny and achingly tender family drama following a pair of dysfunctional sisters and their single mother. Real-life sisters Kat Sadler (who also serves as the show's writer) and Lizzie Davidson play on-screen sisters Josie and Billie, while Louise Brealey (Sherlock) plays their mom Deb. The trailer alone teases everything you'd love to see in an indie dramedy, including discussions of generational trauma, existential ponderings, romantic hijinks, and more! It's bleak but also dryly witty, in that uniquely British way. Continue Reading →

"The OG b*tches are back!" announces Luann de Lesseps in the trailer of the latest season of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, also known as RHONY Legacy. De Lesseps is joined by fellow former Real Housewives of New York stars Julianne Wainstein, Bethenny Frankel, Carole Radziwill, Ramona Singer, Dorinda Medley, and Sonja Morgan, all of whom look nothing short of raunchy in the trailer. And why wouldn't they be? They're (mostly) divorced, they're in their prime, and maybe most notably, they're all back in the infamous "Pirate House" in St. Barts, scene of many a risqué moment in season 5 of RHONY. A cursory look at the trailer's comments reveals just how missed the First Ladies of New York are, so if like them you're itching to see the wives reunite and wreck delicious chaos once more, then read on to know how and where you can watch the upcoming series. Continue Reading →

The latest season of Dragons: The Nine Realms, a spin-off of the Dreamworks beloved franchise How to Train Your Dragon, is set to premiere later this month. It will see the return of Tom and the Dragon Riders as they protect all the realms from their opponents. The Dragons series takes place in the modern world, more than a thousand years after Hiccup and Toothless flew through the air. In this latest season, Tom and his friends will have to fight a fierce battle that's bigger and more dangerous than ever before. Continue Reading →

Hulu didn't use to be on anime fans' radar. No, that recognition usually went to sites like Hidive, Crunchyroll, and even Netflix. But between Heavenly Delusion and Tokyo Revengers, it's clear that the platform is ramping up a catalog that'll have otakus quickly signing up for a subscription. Hulu's latest acquisition is Undead Unluck, an ongoing anime series adapted from the manga of the same name. It tells the story of Andy, an immortal who can never die ("undead), and Fuko Izumo, a young girl who carries misfortune wherever she goes ("unluck"). Both have a death wish they're eager to fulfill, but since their unique abilities prevent them from passing, they team up and help each other out to carry out this hope. Continue Reading →

Dubbed by Rolling Stone as "the best superhero series on TV right now," Moving is a 20-episode K-drama that follows superpowered families forced to uproot themselves from their normal lives as they flee from an assassin dead-set on killing off their kind. Basically, it's a bit like X-Men but, dare I say, better? At the very least, it has the dramatic pull, emotional intensity, and uniquely intricate plotlines you won't see anywhere outside the K-drama sphere. Apart from being a superb action thriller, it also doubles as a tender family and coming-of-age tale, making it, well, a truly moving watch. It's no surprise it currently holds the title of the most-watched K-drama on Hulu in the US and Disney+ everywhere else. Continue Reading →

Pictures of it will have you believe it was an all-inclusive dream community, filled with love, friendship, and people of all backgrounds and races, but Synanon was no utopia. Just the opposite, the California-based drug rehab quickly turned into a vicious cult that victimized hundreds of people. Members were isolated from the outside world, and in some instances, sterilized, beaten, and militarized. It's often described as "one of the most dangerous cults in American history," which is really saying something if you think about how many cults were established—and continue to be established!—in the States. (The answer is a whopping 10,000, by the way) Born in Synanon is a new docuseries, produced by Paramount+, that details the horrors that went on in Synanon, beginning from its founding in 1958 up until its end in 1991. Continue Reading →

Out of the three Doctor Who specials coming out this year, the last episode titled "The Giggle" is one you'll likely want to catch the most. Not only will it be the one where Neil Patrick Harris makes his Who villain debut as the Toymaker, but it's also likely the episode where the 14th Doctor (David Tennant) finally regenerates into the much-awaited and heavily teased 15th Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa). It's also very possible that "The Giggle" will have you sniffling the most, as Who specials are notoriously wont to do, since we'll have to say goodbye once more to the iconic duo that is the Doctor and Donna Noble (Catherine Tate). So if you're prepared for all that, let's dive right into how you can watch this truly special episode. Allons-y! Continue Reading →

The good news is that almost all streaming services offer free trials. It makes sense, after all, to try out something first before committing to it. Among major streaming services, the only exceptions to this almost-rule are Netflix, Max, and Disney+, though even then, there are workarounds—you can access them via bundles, for instance, on platforms like YouTube TV that do offer free trials. The standard duration of these trials is seven days, but there are some that (miraculously) go beyond one week. Amazon Prime and Hulu are two of a handful that still offer 30-day free trials. Continue Reading →

K-drama fans know her as the iconic leading lady in shows like Jewel in the Palace and Inspector Koo, while cinephiles may recognize her as Lady Vengeance herself, but wherever you know her from, there's little doubt that Lee Young-ae always brings her a-game whatever project she's in. That's the main pull of the upcoming K-drama Maestra: Strings of Truth: it's starring Lee and in a powerful, Tár-esque role, no less. According to the released synopsis, Lee plays a world-renowned conductor who leads an equally distinguished orchestra in South Korea, but beneath the precision and glamour hides deep dark secrets that (at least the trailer teases) will involve some bloodshed. It's loosely based on the 2018 French series Philharmonia, which covers the complexities of the fact that only 5% of conductors in the world are female. Continue Reading →