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The Spool Staff

The Accidental Getaway Driver

Divinity disappoints while The Accidental Getaway Driver surprises in this selection of genre offerings from the fest. No amount of recasting could have possibly saved Eddie Alcazar's Divinity from its state of terminal confusion. That's a shame considering the number of the relatively famous names involved. They include, most mystifying of all, executive producer Steven Soderbergh.  Continue Reading →

The Greatest Beer Run Ever

“What is Vietnam?” is not a question with an easy answer, but The Greatest Beer Run Ever tackles the challenge anyway. Like the plethora of media featuring the country—in any capacity—Peter Farrelly’s film runs headlong into the notion that what is an S-shaped piece of land in Southeast Asia can also be a dream after the Fall of Saigon. Or that the starry banner that international bodies recognize is not the triple-striped one flying overseas. Or that any example henceforth will possess the same gist: try to ring up nuance when discussing Vietnam. Continue Reading →